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Join us

The mission of FDG’s HR department is to sustain the growth of the Group, supporting and anticipating, by its policies, the necessary changes for the Women and Men of the Business, in particular by:

  • A professional approach to welcoming new staff and to inductions.
  • Implementing ambitious training programmes for all corporate and occupational categories.
  • Supporting internal mobility.
  • Developing careers.

So that the Women and Men of the Business, who are our DNA, are fully effective and able to participate fully in the development of our Group.

The FDG Group develops brands and distributes products: This means we can incorporate a very wide range of skills, trades and professions within the business.

The success of the Group rests on our respect for 4 values. Every day, they guide all of our staff, our business culture and our relationships with partners:

Speed with Flexibility



Spirit of service

Do you want to apply?

We regularly recruit new people; send in your CV and covering letter to the following email address:


Our trades and professions


(S)he is in charge of research, selection and negotiation for products in various ranges, with a view to meeting sales objectives in terms of volume as well as cost and quality.
(S)he works closely with the marketing department and the supply chain so as to ensure a source of supply for existing products or for those under development. In this context, the buyer co-ordinates and puts together all the necessary documentation for calls to tender, and guides the whole process from negotiation up to the signing of the contract with the selected supplier.
(S)he plays an active role in the commercial relationship with the supplier throughout the partnership.
Constantly seeks to optimise purchase prices, and regularly suggests possible improvements to quality and/or logistics.

Product Manager

(S)he is in charge of the life cycle of his/her product ranges, in terms of design, launch methods linked to commercialisation of the range, and monitoring performance.
Truly the conductor of the orchestra, (s)he co-ordinates everybody involved in the project, both internally with all the departments (purchasing, sales, procurement, etc) and externally with the various contractors (consultancies, agencies, etc). This makes him/her the person who ensures proper compliance with ‘backward planning’.
Combining creativity with an analytical mind, (s)he is responsible for his/her brands and their performance in their market.

Three years ago, as soon as I had my degree, I joined the FDG Group as product manager for haberdashery and knitwear, in the Textiles division, for the ‘Style Couture’ and ‘Style Couture La Maille’ brands. Driven by the desire to create, and convinced that creative leisure activities are accessible to all, I put ideas into practice about products that would meet our customers’ needs. I enjoy the broad scope of this post, and being in synch with the various departments throughout the life cycle of the products.


Quality Manager

(S)he defines the internal quality processes and ensures that products put on the market meet the standards in force. (S)he co-ordinates the programs in terms of inspection, and consumer or client feedback.
(S)he is the interface between the inspection laboratories and the other external partners connected with his/her role.
(S)he carries out the prescribed follow-up and oversight.

Having spent 15 years working for a distributor as non-food Quality Manager, I joined the FDG Group to organise a quality assurance department. Apart from setting up the procedures, I supported the teams in place to define a regulatory framework. Working constantly with the buying and marketing teams, I’m involved at every stage of the process of bringing products to market (defining needs, signing off on procurement and packaging, etc). I set the plans for checking the safety of the ranges we market.

Godefroy BRESARD

Supply Executive

His/her objective is to supply the products, at the right time and in the right amount. (S)he is responsible for the level of service and the stock levels for his/her ranges.
S)he proposes solutions for optimisation of the supply chain.
(S)he contributes to the evaluation of suppliers, in tandem with the purchasing department.

I’ve been working in the supply department since 2015. It’s a job with a very varied day. To ensure timely supply of the ranges, I liaise with many suppliers and sub-contractors in France, Europe and Asia, as well
as freight forwarders, to organise the movement of merchandise that comes from Asia in containers. The people I mainly work with in-house are the buyers for the ranges I work on, and the product managers, especially at the launch of new product lines and new ranges.

Coraline VALLET

Site Manager

(S)he has operational, financial, legal and corporate responsibility for the work of the warehouse, for transport downstream, and for whatever production or packaging activities are placed under his/her authority.
(S)he supervises and co-ordinates the work of the site both in technical terms (goods inwards, warehousing, storage, order picking, dispatch, etc) and in terms of commercial relationships (with suppliers and carriers) and the corporate (management) side.

“Having always been in the world of distribution logistics, as head of a transport distribution agency, logistics site manager through an agency, and opening of new logistics sites, I have always been involved in implementing or supporting change in a lively, dynamic and demanding environment. At FDG, this fast-moving and committing aspect is also very apparent.
At the head of the unit I’ve been placed in charge of, there are various overriding themes, in particular client satisfaction, interdepartmental co-operation (materials and/or territories), anticipation, promptness, optimisation, and increasing the competence and confidence of staff.
In the logistics business, where the smallest grain of sand can soon cause disruption or create real problems, one essential ability is to be able to maintain your concentration on a multitude of little details, which keeps the various actions and processes moving along. “


Sales Promotion

The sales promoter has a particular client portfolio, within which (s)he is responsible for retail display and for developing turnover by optimal monitoring of all ranges of products (FDG’s own brands, own-brands of distributors, partners’ brands, brands under licence, etc). The professionalism and reliability of the sales promotion department make it possible to ensure client retention. Quality contacts enable him/her to achieve an optimum level of client satisfaction, which facilitates the sale of seasonal and thematic lines, and the initiatives of the sales representatives for that sector.

I’ve now been working as a Promoter in the FDG Group for thirty-odd years, and during that time the Group has never ceased to reinvent itself along with changes in the mass distribution market and the expectations of our clients.
I have acquired real experience in all the non-food sectors of the mass distribution sector (development of our product lines, and constant revisions as the market changes). My work is very rewarding and has enabled me to achieve my full potential within the Group, while allowing me to develop the turnover in each of my sales outlets to the maximum.
New product launches also make it possible to diversify with our clients and to offer new challenges to all the staff in the Group.


Sales Manager

(S)he is responsible for a geographical region and a sales team.
Supported by a team of sales promoters, merchandisers, regional sales team managers and sales reps, (s)he contributes to the development of turnover, working within fixed business plans.
(S)he manages the team with the goal of optimising the sales performances of the territory, favouring a strategy of client acquisition and retention.
(S)he guides the sales activity for the territory and organises corrective initiatives with the team.

Following initial experience as head of a department in a hypermarket, and after 15 years as a sales representative with FDG Group, I had the chance to move to the post of regional sales manager.
What I like about this work is that is has many facets. I really am the conductor of an orchestra - management, sales, organisation, reporting and liaison between the various departments.
You have to listen carefully to the clients, and pay attention to changes in the market and to competitors as well as the team, in order to help them achieve the objectives and find new opportunities for growth.
In constant contact with the key national accounts and senior management of sales, I am also in charge of the commercial negotiation of regional agreements (SCA, GEP, etc ).
Most of the decisions I make on a daily basis have to be guided by goodwill towards the teams, client satisfaction and the commercial policy of the business.