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At Dontalex, we’re all about supporting you every day for your oral hygiene routine. That’s why we are committed to offering you a thorough modern range which includes all the essential items to meet your needs.

Dontalex’s product areas

Interdental brushes

Available in different sizes and shapes, Dontalex brushes help you remove plaque and residue for a beautiful smile! Discover the brush that fits your needs.

Dental floss

Classic, satin or 2-in-1: Dontalex offers you a choice of dental floss to eliminate plaque from your teeth!


To go further with your oral hygiene, Dontalex offers a selection of accessories. Toothpicks, stain erasers, replacement toothbrush heads: Discover the complete Dontalex selection.

Supplementary care

For total hygiene, try our whitening powder and our 4-in-1 mouthwash.

Natural materials

Dontalex offers a selection of essential accessories made from natural materials.

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