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Our Know-How

Sales & Distribution

Made up of 350 sales representatives and promoters, our team is the number 1 non-food sales force in the hypermarket and supermarket sector in France. The teams is involved in the everyday management of display areas in each of our 6,100 retail outlets.

Coverage – Proximity

The power of our sales force means we can cover the whole territory of France, from the biggest retail outlet to the smallest corner shop. Our sales people visit nearly 1,000 outlets every day.

Tailor-made service

Support that is co-ordinated and highly effective:

In a constant search for retail performance, we use appropriate monitoring and guidance tools in all the shops. They enable our sales force to concentrate on objectives of operational efficiency and innovation, working hand in hand with our headquarters management team for sales, merchandising and marketing. Our haberdashery concept “Ma Boutique Couture” is one of many examples of the unique nature of what we offer. By creating a unique concept adapted to the purchase experience, meeting the new expectations of consumers (‘Do It Yourself’ and ‘No Sew’) and the varied natures of the shops, we maximise turnover in our client’s haberdashery sections.

Thorough, expert management:

Our sales force supports our clients all the time, in the management of order-taking, filling and maintaining shelves, adding visual impact, promotion of themed operations and cross-merchandising. Our teams also handle setting-up with signposting, POS, putting new products in place, and relocating setups.  


Our marketing teams are key players in the performance of our brands in their markets.

Relying on their own expertise, creativity and various studies, our teams place the consumer at the centre of the design of product ranges, so as to ensure that these best meet consumer expectations.


Positioned closest to the markets, the consumers and the trends, our marketing teams design tomorrow’s products and manage a very wide portfolio: More than 15 brands and 7,800 product lines.

The mission of our Group is to provide the best products to consumers. 

Forming part of the everyday life of consumers, most of our products meet the 4 essential criteria for use or purchase: Functionality, quality, accessibility and pleasure.

Merchandising and thematic promotional operations

Our merchandising expertise and know-how have long been recognised by the mass distribution industry.
(Haberdashery: Prize for Innovation, LSA 2019; IFM Golden Ruler, 1976).
The FDG Group’s merchandising recommendations fall into three categories:

Management of merchandising

The merchandising teams rely on analyses of performance and studies of consumer behaviour to optimise planograms.
Recommendations for installations take account of the characteristics of the retail outlet (chain, floor area, catchment area).

Layout in merchandising

The placement of product families and the product offering in the aisles takes account of the expectations of consumers in terms of logical set-up and use. 

Visuals in merchandising

The concepts of visual marketing have been devised to enhance the world of retail aisles and increase sales development. The objective of our POS information and publicity materials is to seduce, guide and advise the consumer.

In the first quarter of 2021, FDG had 28 km of retail display, consisting of 21,483 units each of 1m30.

Thematic promotional operations capitalise on the peak times of consumption during the year. They promote the best products, often as a supplement to permanent displays.


Our multi-purpose sites have been thought out and designed to give high-quality tailored service right across the territory. Recently transformed and modernised, our new logistics network increases the speed of our response to 8,700 shops for the delivery of our 7,800 product lines.

Optimal territorial coverage

Thanks to the layout of our warehouses and the organisation of our logistics, we cover all our retail outlets throughout France. By the end of 2021, our network will consist of four logistics warehouses: Escrennes (in département no. 45), Chasseneuil-du-Poitou (86), Feurs (42) and Objat (19).

A new power in logistics

Faster logistics processes

The modernisation of our warehouses, especially as a result of rolling out a WMS and the construction of a new 18,000 m² mechanised site, reinforces the efficiency of our logistical processes. Everywhere across France, our tailored deliveries are even more efficient, with very short delivery times.

Mastery in stock management

Our fast response and agility are possible thanks to the regional distribution of our products. Each site operates as a central depot for particular ranges, and a regional depot for all our product lines. 

That lets us respond fast and very flexibly to all our clients.

Our logistics power in figures

2,500 orders processed and 300,000 products delivered every day, making a total of 96 million products delivered every year.