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A range of 192 products covering the main areas of the market for pet products, food, care and comfort of our companions, in partnership with recognised brands: Aimé, Vétocanis, Tetra, etc



High-quality products to cover all a dog’s needs: Reward, pleasure, activity and oral hygiene. A selection of products to protect, care for and maintain. All the essential toys to amuse a dog and keep it active.


All products for the health and beauty of the cat. Mice, balls, fishing rods… all the products for the cat’s awakening and amusement. Stylish and reflective accessories for walking and safety.

Cage birds

The essentials for canaries, budgerigars and other exotic birds Fast-moving products, that you must have if you’re not to miss out!


Dietary supplements, hay and accessories


Food and water treatment in partnership with the TETRA brand

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