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Our values

Sense of service, Proximity and Innovation: these 3 values guide all of our employees, our corporate culture and our relationships with our partners on a daily basis.

Sense of service



The group’s success is based on the respect of these 3 values. We cultivate them on a daily basis, in all circumstances, with all our contacts. By being close to our customers and consumers, we are committed on a daily basis to meeting all of their expectations with agility.

The regional location of our logistics sites and the strength of our sales force allow us to act with responsiveness throughout the territory. This sense of service has been a value recognized by our customers since the company was founded.

At FDG, we place our customers at the center of our actions, to aim for excellence within a framework that promotes operational efficiency, performance and satisfaction for everyone. We are close to our customers, we commit daily to meeting all of their expectations in a climate of trust, respect and kindness. We are at the heart of trends and the expectations of our consumers and our customers. We know how to question ourselves, design new concepts, new ways of doing things with all stakeholders.